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Enjoy Life in Pattaya : Pattaya Home 24 provides some information and ideas about the world famous city

Pattaya Home Beach
Pattaya Beach – Pattaya Home

Pattaya is located approx. 120 km south of Bangkok Airport (Suvarnabhumi) and with a taxi it is just a bit more than one hour.

Pattaya with vibrating nightlife, hundreds or may be thousands of restaurants and great shopping centers.

Central Festival so far is the nicest shopping complex in Pattaya, but the next one is on its way : Terminal 21, well known from Bangkok Asoke, is under construction just know and will be finished early 2018.

Walking Street - Pattay Home
Walking Street Pattaya

Walking Street and some other areas for nightlife, like Soi Bukhao are real hot spots in this city, with beer bars, discotheques, A Gogo Bars, bars with excellent life music or restaurants with beautiful sea views.

And last not least good hospitals for your medical needs with great international standards, like Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, Pattaya International or Memorial Hospital.


In Pattaya you can find all kind of accomodation : Cheap guest houses starting from around 500 Baht per night up to 5 Star hotels with a rate of 5000 Baht or more.

Naklua in the North of Pattaya is a little bit quieter and has some nice residential areas, but some bars and restaurants as well.

Jomtien Beach, approx. 5 km south of Pattaya beach is busy in its northern part, but more quiet if you go to the South.

May be interesting to know, that Pattaya is the city with the most sunshine hours per year. Only Hua Hin has these good weather conditions as well. In the north and south of Thailand you will experience much more rain than at the Gulf of Thailand, where Pattaya is located.

But it is not only Pattaya : Around Pattaya is a lot to discover….find it out…..

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