Naklua Walking Street 2017

Walkingstreet Naklua :
3rd Weekend in December until first weekend in March

Naklua Walking StreetOn Saturdays and Sundays from 5 pm to 10 pm you can enjoy Naklua Walking Street completely different from Pattaya Walking Street.

Delicious food on Naklua Walking Street

A lot of delicious food is offered, very often traditional Thai Food, but because there are many foreign visitors you can find some food specially for foreigners as well.


Naklua Walking Street with Lifemusic

Lifemusic and some more entertainment on Naklua Walking Street. 17. December until 5 March 2017. Every year again during high season.



Even Karaoke on Walkingstreet Naklua, Pattaya
Walkingstreet Naklua with Karaoke and cheap beer
bridge beergarden on Naklua Walking street
Beer garden on the bridge in Naklua



Naklua, Pattaya, Thailand


A lot of food available in Naklua Walking Street
A lot of food available in Naklua Walking Street

Location Map Naklua Walking Street 2017f